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Our Story

Moo Juice, LLC.

We are a family-owned animal health company that uses out of the box thinking methods to help bring new solutions to the dairy industry. 

I am originally from Pennsylvania and have been involved with the dairy industry my whole life.  I was always looking for new technologies or things to improve on.  In 2012, we put our first product into the market called Quick Tip TM.  We added Wrapid-Cut TM, Quick Tip TM I.V. Simplex, and Silver Bolus TM which are licensed to MAI Animal Health in Elmwood, Wisconsin.

We felt there was a need in the market for an energy supplement in bolus form that would replace the traditional use of propylene glycol, so we started Moo Juice LLC and launched our Moo Juice TM Boost bolus.  

Moo Juice, LLC. owns and manufactures Moo Juice TM Boost, Moo Juice TM Fresh Cow, Moo Juice TM Pumped, Moo Juice TM Rumen, Black Magic TM Hoof Care, and Moo Juice TM Bolus guns.  These products are made in the USA and have been thoroughly tested in a lab and on-farm trials.

Our company logo the "Cow Jumping over the Moon" represents the potential of the Moo Juice product line to give the dairy cow the ultimate "boost" they deserve!

The continued mission is to bring new, innovative, and safe products into the hands of the dairyman for the animals they care for.   We consider every dairy as a member of our family and believe in your success. 

Jason Krause

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