Original Drench-Mate 1

Original Drench-Mate 1

The Drench-Mate is a unique, high quality pumping system specifically designed for pumping fluids into ruminants. For the single dose system we have a 6.5 gallon bucket, a 11.5 foot poly-hose and a cam-lock fitting for easy detachment. A locking frick tube so that the hose does not slip out of the rumen while you are pumping. A red mark on the hose indicates how far it should be inserted into the rumen. Mounted on top is a hand diaphragm pump that has the capacity to drench a cow in 1-1.5 minutes. The Drench-Mate is made of hardened plastic and stainless steel hardware so it will not rust or corrode.

  • large capacity bucket for volume
  • screw top lid so the drench product will not spill while carrying and drenching
  • long poly hose for safe and easy rumen placement
  • cam-lock fitting for easy detachment for safety and for cleaning
  • locking frick tube so the hose will not slip while drenching
  • red mark indicates how far the hose should be inserted into the rumen
  • high volume diaphragm pump for pumping fast and highly viscous products without plugging
  • high quality plastic and stainless steel components for the prevention of rust and corrosion

    • To open turn pump lid assembly counter clockwise.
    • Fill bucket with water and Drench-Mate “Drench” product and mix thoroughly.
    • To close – point handle of pump away from handle of bucket and turn clockwise quarter turn.
    • Insert Frick Spectrum tube and attach nose lead into nostrils.
    • Slide poly hose through Frick Spectrum tube in rumen.
    • Lock Frick Tube once the red mark is at the end of tube. Red mark on hose indicates the approximate distance from rumen for a mature Holstein cow.
    • Attach cam-lock fitting to pump end.
    • Begin pumping and it should take just under a minute, pump entire bucket. If you see the cow NOT chewing then you need to STOP pumping as this can cause a refluxed rumen fluid into the lungs.
    • Tilt bucket toward inlet near end of drenching process to ensure all of the solution is pumped.
    • Rinse and flush entire system with clean hot water after each use.
  • Drench-Mate I Includes:

    • “A”  6 ½ gallon bucket with twist on pump lid
    • “B”  11 ½ long ¾ poly hose with male cam-lock fitting
    • “C”  20 inch locking Frick Spectrum tube with nose lead
    • “D”  ¾ inch female cam-lock fitting

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     Drenching rate and techniques vary; please consult your local veterinarian.


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